Providing Comprehensive Services for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry.
A workforce of highly experienced employees and the right equipment to do any job.
Safety is a CORE value, and a commitment to excellence.
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Team Services LLC is a Kalkaska, Michigan based service company with a satellite yard in Hubbard, Ohio.

Founded in 2001, Team is a leading provider of well service/completion rigs and support equipment to the oil and gas industry throughout the United States using a workforce of highly experienced employees.
Team’s reputation has been built on providing innovative, time efficient solutions in a safe and cost efficient manner. 


Team provides comprehensive services for the oil & gas industry.

experience & equipment

Highly experienced employees and the right equipment to complete any job.


Learn about Team’s membership in ISN, PEC & PICS safety programs.

oil & gas prices

Bookmark our dashboard for quick reference to current oil and gas prices.